New for 2011!

Well, here are some projects we’ve been working on and that we expect to see on the website soon:

Crema Classic: We’re liking the sales of Crema and the idea of a size chart seems to be working well – who knew? So now we add Crema Classic: Crema using the same chart but this time silver-brazed by Martin using Sachs Issimo lugs. We scrub a little labor compared to our Team Pro by using socket-style rear drop outs, flat seat stay caps, fewer frills, and a straight fork. But it’s still the same tubes/lugs/builder/painter/etc. $2300, built to order.

MAX: Steve’s favorite Columbus Life-based tubing continues to be a winner and now gets its own page. The basic version will involve an Enve 2.0 carbon fork, room for 28mm tyres, and short-reach calipers – but alternate brakes and forks will be offered for those that want ’em. $2400, custom.
Team Pro OS: By using Darrell LLewellyn’s new Cadenzia lugs paired with Dario Pegoretti/Richard Sachs’ Spirit for Lugs tubing from Columbus we get the Team Pro OS (for “oversized”, natch). Larger diameter tubes, socket-style rear dropouts, fillet-brazed seat cluster, choice of steel or carbon fork – but the same great ride as before. $2700, custom.
Sterrato – Meaning “dirt road” in our favorite Romantic language, Sterrato uses a similar size chart to Crema but we add Paul Racer M brakes for better stopping power, additional mud clearance, and a slightly longer wheelbase for more stability. So now we have a great welded bike suitable for bombing dirt roads and trails or as a cyclocross bike for drier/faster courses – and it still works fine as a commuter/allrounder. $2000 in steel/$3000 in titanium, built to order. (Paul brakes are $225-ish/bike)
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  1. Ocean7
    Ocean7 says:

    I’m sure that Crema Classic is gonna be a killer 😀

    MAX sounds interesting too. That’s actually your Strada Bianca am I correct? Does the Enve fork have ample room for 28mm or is it a tight clearance? Oh and is MAX a tubeset that’s going to be available for long or are you building on your own private stock?

    Lots of great things to come from Hampsten. I am really looking forward to seeing them all!

  2. Steve H
    Steve H says:

    mr 7,

    that is my personal MAX Strada Bianca, and a sweet rig it is too. but i think Strada Bianca will return to non-shaped tubes after our next photo shoot – and i’m looking forward to the MAX page.

    we regularly cram 27-to-29mm tires in the Enve forks and it works great but i wouldn’t go any bigger. it looks like about 3-4mm to spare all around. hey, do you think if i keep bugging Enve that they’ll do a long-reach/fender fork?

    Columbus is now producing MAX tubing but basing it on their modern Life series – they even list it in the catalog over at my sense is that it will stick around as long as it keeps selling – or as long as someone will request a run of 50 sets or so.

    always something fun in the planning stages here. i keep thinking we’ll run out of good ideas but as long as good components and good tubes are made we’ll be dreaming up fun frames to hang them on.




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