Nervex for Denis

Here’s a peek at a frame Martin is building for one of our Canadian brethren featuring honest-to-gosh Nervex lugs, 1″ top tube and 1.125″ down tube – just like Andy’s old PX-10! (Except his Peugeot was much, much uglier, of course). We don’t typically work with stamped lugs – as previous rants have indicated – but sometimes the need for good international relations takes precedence over my own petty biases. Not often, but it happens.

There may be some more pictures
on Martin’s site as we take them and
certainly more after paint – one-of-a-kind
frames deserve documentation tout suite.

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  1. Mark Bulgier
    Mark Bulgier says:

    Damn that’s fine brazing. That “flash” of brass that spreads out beyond the lug edges a bit? That’s all like a micron thick and is gone in an instant when the frame is sandblasted. You get that when prep, cleanliness, flux and heat are all perfect.

    Looking at those lugs it’s hard to imagine how rough and ugly they are before Martin did has magic. (I know just how rough they were because I provided the lugs for this frame from my personal stash.)


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