New MAX model (finally) features MAX TT, DT, CS, Enve 2.0 fork and our own selection of ST and SS. 29mm tires and short-reach brakes work fine here, shines on crappy roads, colour is our new Federal Blue. Rides like a burly dream and we’ll have it on the website soon.

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  1. Matt Surch
    Matt Surch says:

    Very nice. Steve, I’m considering a very similar tubeset for a full on road race bike, thinking I might improve on my Spirit for lugs bike when it comes to accelerations and sprints, but concerned the dt will be too stiff for seated climbing (I love the Spirit bike’s flex for that). Should the MAX be reserved for really big (190lbs plus) riders who are all over the bike, or do you find regular ol big guys like it too? Maybe a MAX top tube would be a better option, Spirit everywhere else?

  2. Steve H
    Steve H says:


    At 5′ 9″ and 180+ pounds I feel like the posterboy for this bike. Sure it has a somewhat stiff ride and is nice and tight under acceleration but we’ve done a couple of tweaks to mitigate the harsh ride and overall weight. We use a 28.6mm Sprit-for-lugs seat tube which softens up the ride and gives some spring to the drivetrain. We pair that with 14mm seatstays which give the rear wheel a bit of cush – and I like to run my MAX bike with 3x wheels and 28mm tyres @ 75-80psi. So it’s a package approach, but it works for me. Bigger customers, obviously, will use different ST and SS.

    If I wanted a slightly lighter welded frame, maybe similar to the SfL frames, I’d do Columbus Life. Great stuff at .6/.4/.6 and easy to work with.

    Hope this helps,


  3. Matt Surch
    Matt Surch says:

    Definitely helpful Steve, thanks. I think we are definitely speaking the same language with regard to drivetrain ‘spring,’ and I like your system approach. I’m a fan of fast 28s too, and I think it really is wise to ensure clearances for this size is worked in. I’m definitely a fan of the 28.6 SfL seat tube, which I’ve found works really well for my pedalling style. I hope I get to find out how this combo rides!


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