Housekeeping, part 2

New this week is an updated Design and Materials page, basically being a rewrite and combination of what was there before. I dropped the pricing – which is on the individual model pages – and I rewrote the materials section to be less friendly to alloy and carbon frames, which we no longer sell. No overt hate, just a studied indifference.

The big news, however, must be all the work that Mechanic Chase and I poured in our new Yard Sale blog. It’s amazing how much inventory and clutter accumulates after being in business for 13 (!) years and it’s time to create some room and free up some cash. I’m also helping a buddy sell some of his collection of French bikes, Vanilla, Sachs, Nagasawa, et. al. so take a look at those and see if anything looks appealing. Again, this is an ongoing effort and more work needs to be done here. Some sweet Hampsten frame deals, too, if your tastes run that way.

One idea that I would like to try with HampCo Yard Sale – or HYS as we call it here – is to let customers list their Hampsten or Tournesol frame for sale on this site. I will probably limit this to the original owner but exceptions may be made in some cases.

A sample Yard Sale ad:

This one uses Richard Sachs’ new OOS/UOS lugs for 31.8mm TT and ST, with a whopping 35mm DT. We used Life tubing for the main triangle and SpiritforLugs SS and CS and we’ll pair it with an Enve 1.0 fork painted to match, your choice of color.

We  wanted to try these lugs and the frame looks great but the feeling here is that a) standard OS lugs and tubes are really the way to go if you want a lugged frame, and b) if a customer wants the bigger tubing we would rather offer it on a welded frame – see our La Dolce Vita or MAX for more info. $2000 OBO.

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