Bicycling Magazine looks at our Strada Bianca, struggles to understand steel, fenders, and the joys of riding dirt roads. October issue probably includes five things you can do to ride faster – would not quantifying every ride count? Hampsten boys reported nonplussed, decide current marketing plan roaring success.

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  1. SandMan
    SandMan says:

    “A left and quick right put me on a short dirt road.”

    His test ride (how long was it, 22 miles??) was 18 minutes slower. Surely this is entirely because your Mack truck sucks worse than Minnesota mosquitoes in May!

    Wow, the test rider used a 50-11 coming down out of the mountains into Durango. He must be a really amazing rider. I’ll bet HE could have won the Giro in 1988 if only an “ultralight Italian” racing bike had been available to him back then.

    Obviously Hampsten fails to understand that cycling is no longer about scenery, camaraderie, and finding the country store down the dirt lane that time forgot. Rather, we ride our bikes to do whatever our GPS and power meter tell us to do, and we depend on engineers to determine the fewest spokes needed to withstand our 200-watt sprints.

    🙂 Nyah, maybe we should cut the reviewer a break. He probably looked up the translation of “Strada Bianca” and is still wondering why anyone would design a bike just to ride on the painted white road lines ….

  2. J Ake
    J Ake says:

    I am still trying to do the math on losing 18 minutes on a 22 mile ride. That is a lot of time! To paraphrase someone famous-er than me – it ain’t the bike.

  3. Mark Studnicki
    Mark Studnicki says:

    I tend to just flat-out ignore bike tests for that very reason. They are meaningless and are only one person’s personal opinion based on the bikes that person rides on a daily basis. You can’t compare an apple to an orange. Both are awesome and designed to do completely different things. Absolutely, 18mins in a 22-mile ride is rediculous. I can do a 4hr/60mile hilly road ride on my 16lb carbon bike, then do it on my 24lb Mino Denti vintage bike and maybe be 5min off. Andy, please don’t change a thing. I’m saving up for one.


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