Customer rave, unsolicited

Well sure, we get these all the time. But this one was especially nice, particularly as she mentions Miji Reoch, a boyhood heroine of mine.

Dear Steve,

Spring has finally arrived, and I rode the new bike for the first time last week.  It is truly astonishing!  As I mentioned before, I had always followed the advice of my coach, Miji Reoch, and not been overly interested in my equipment. Her feeling was that it was unwise to get attached to a certain frame or component because you were likely to have to use something different next year.  Women racers really didn’t have much opportunity, and we just took whatever equipment was available, so I think Miji’s reasoning was sound.  Even now that I have the opportunity to indulge in a custom bike, I was a bit hesitant about how much of a difference there could be.  Wow, was I ever wrong.  

I remember clearly the first nice bike I ever bought; it was a Guerciotti in about 1984 and that first pedal stroke was a revelation.  I have never had that same sense of revelation again…until last week when I took that first pedal stroke on the new bike and felt the seamless transition of power to the bike.  It is the most beautiful thing; there isn’t any gap or lag between telling the bike to go, and it’s going down the road.

The SRAM components are terrific.  Thanks so much for talking me into this set-up.  Each shift feels like there is a little magnet sucking the chain onto the cog.  I can’t comment on the brakes, as the bike descends so well, I hardly ever need to touch them.

I could go on and on, but it would all just lead up to telling you that riding this bike is an absolute joy.  Thank you so much for being so talented and doing such a great job.

Very best,


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