Historically we have focused on single-color paint here at HampCo, sometimes with a stripe or panel worked in, along with our classic Team 7-Eleven livery, but now we’re branching out.

We are offering new paint schemes designed in conjunction with Roger Rilling at Svelte Cycleworks and MixMaster Eric D. at Colorworks in Eugene, OR, based on our shared appreciation of history and love of good design. With little further ado we give you the following descriptions, prices are based as an upcharge to the existing steel frame price:

Anno20 is a hat tip to Piet Mondrian and Andy’s first team, La Vie Claire, featuring a white pearl base coat with blocks of primary color, all tied together with hand-drawn stripes. No two will be exactly alike – $500

7-Eleven Classic – red, white, and green, using Huffy or Merckx design – $400

Graema – based on Eddy Merckx’s Faema bikes with a seat tube panel and off-set head tube, works best on lugged frames and we like it in gray (but we’re easy), thus the name – $200

A Couple/Three Nice Stripes or Panel – $200

Paint on titanium: $500 and up

We have plenty of good ideas – and plenty of opinions – on colors that work well together or you can send us the paint code for that ‘62 Galaxy 500 you’re trying to match as these are available at most automotive paint shops or on-line.

Some of our current single-color choices are shown below and are included with the price of a steel frame, more complicated paint schemes take longer and will cost more.

PPG  and House Of Kolor automotive paints are what we spray here (so to speak) and samples and chips are available worldwide. Touchup paint, however, is problematic as these are two-part catalyzed paint systems, similar to an an epoxy, so they cure quickly once mixed. If you can’t live with the Faded Beauty look then Testor’s model paint or a nice fingernail polish may be your best bet for touch-up. Some of the colors we use, however, are current automobile selections and touch-up paint may be available.

We can also strip, refurbish, and repaint your older Hampsten frame and fork, starting at $700 – please inquire. This price includes alignment check, application of Framesavr, fork inspection for visible damage; shipping is extra. Paint on titanium frames starts at $500; a polished (Scotchbrite) treatment to your aging titanium frame with new decals is $250.

Our Classic block logo is designed by famed typographer Paul Barnes – the font is called “Andy Hampsten” – and feature a re-drawn boar and brand-new down tube graphic. For a fun take on our classic logo we have the Script version from the good folks at House Industries.

We currently do most of our down tube logos and boar heads in paint so let’s pick a nice contrast to the frame color and get cracking. Smilin’ Andy on the seat tube in b/w, as always, or a boar by request.