I don’t look
for Pegoretti bikes
when driving around.
I don’t mind if my
friends ride other
bikes. I don’t expect
to see my frames on
every road. I don’t
complain for being
small. I don’t want
to miss this
opportunity to
thank you all for
letting me share my ideas in
welded form.

Dario Pegoretti

Flight of the Conchords: Jenny

Tournesol Graphics

The Rider, by Tim Krabbe

“Meyrueis, Lozere, June 26, 1977. Hot and overcast. I take my gear out of the car and put my bike together. Tourists and locals are watching from sidewalk cafes. Non-racers. The emptiness of those lives shocks me.”

More here

Anvil tooling

We use, endorse, and love our Anvil tooling. Don’s a great guy but his buddy Archibald sucks. Archie’s generous with the bourbon so I guess it’s sort of a wash.

Pal Paul

The bloke what created our recent Hampsten Cycles font and boar logo, Londoner Paul Barnes, has a new website.

Check it out.

this horace guy

House33 Trainers in…

…over at Velo Gear

By Woolistic

Seriously cool and merino-soft, chain-stitching-and-font fetishists will have a field day

Supplies limited, sizes run smallish


Olive Oil

Here’s a look at Andy’s new olive oil label – the oil being from Il Fontoia de Foiano, just over the hill from his spread in Tuscany. The art is by Sheryl Chapman (graphics for Tournesol, Moots, and Ibis – among others); Sheryl and Chucky were gracious enough to host on my recent CA binge.

Finger Lakes Ramble, 2006

Rich Roat from House Industries has produced a limited-edition poster commemorating the 2006 Finger Lakes Ramble. They’re beautiful, each one is printed on heavy archival paper, suitable for framing, and they’re only $50. 112 were pressed and they’re going to go quickly.

The guy on the bike looks (to me) like Douglas-as-Eddy (or vice-versa) and we’ll all recognize the church. Oddly enough it doesn’t seem to be raining.

The font is called “Rene Herse” – too cool.

Operators are standing by.