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please forward to arnaud and papa large

A friend writes: Interesting. I had a similar (but BETTER) experience recently, also aboard a HampStar. I hired a personal trainer, engaged in the removal of any internal organ for which I could not clearly explain the purpose, and have whipped myself into a semblance of Fakeness to be able to do the Hampsten name […]

what we do

Working with a customer on a new frame can be a balancing act: will the customer accept the type of frame or whole bike we like to do or will they want something different? Will they “get” it? Will I understand what the customer wants? Our ideas change, the market changes, and what we feel […]

Sunflower Revolution: the Tournesol 650B Sportif

A custom titanium frame built for mechanical disk brakes First Ride Report I love riding a 650B bicycle. It beckons to be ridden on all surfaces—from smooth pavement to gravel and fire roads—and it replaces the urge to make every day another race to the finish. There’s great versatility too within 650B because tires run […]