A couple (of) updates on the website

Tournesol leger: RIP

Crema: after much screaming, crying, and table-pounding, we’re going back to the original plan of eight stock sizes, four stock colors (but you can get a custom color for $100), and variable headtube lengths. Tubing remains Columbus Zona with maybe some True Temper mixed in, fork is steel or Wound Up carbon.

Strada Bianca: we bring back the steel Strada Bianca and we’re using Columbus Spirit-for-Lugs (PegoRichie) tubing with Columbus MAX option for the cognoscenti. The weight is close to that of Zona but you can crash this frame into a bigger tree before that ol’ down tube buckles. Strada Bianca is custom, Wound Up or new fork o’ mystery.

Tournesol Leger: the bike that nobody wanted that relied on the fork which no longer exists is no more – but I sure love mine in aluminum. A keeper.

Pricing: I tried to clean up the pricing. Basically, frames from Moots/Kent E/IF are still available but usually involve a premium of $200-700, depending on materials. We’re doing most frames in-house these days and while it’s conceivable we’ll bid adieu to outside suppliers someday we’re not there yet and I’m in no hurry. Welders everywhere will sleep better knowing this, I’m sure.

Turn-around times: we seem to be busy these days! We had a huge spring sales-wise and we’re trying to dig out as quickly as we can. We’ll get to your frame this week or next at the latest.

Meanwhile: go for a ride – I am (going for one now).

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  1. tjh
    tjh says:

    I can’t believe this wasn’t more popular. I have a very similar rig and love it. Full fenders when you need em, race ready when you don’t.
    go figure.


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