Yard Sale – the technical specs

Travelissimo, 555 x 558

GPTi, 542 x 558

Team UOS, 550 x 558

GPTi sloping, 540 x 585

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Yard Sale

Yard Sale 2013

Sometimes… things get a little out of hand. One has ideas, bikes get built, photographs get taken, websites are updated, bikes are ridden… but something is missing. Or two things, in this case: space and money. Bikes take up a lot of space in a small shop like ours and boy, do they suck up the available cash. And I have two new bikes here to work into the mix – room must be made! The following frames could easily be turned into whole bikes with but a small sprinkling of cash. All frames are in great shape with low miles, probably never been ridden in the rain. Saddle height in pictures is usually 74cm, bars are shown with 11cm stem

Travelissimo – $2800 obo

Beautiful lugged frame and fork, includes King headset and Paul Racer M brakes; S & S case with extras would be another $500. There is a small ding on the seat tube but I’ll throw that in for free. This bike rides great, takes 33mm tires just fine, and I can include a set of fenders if interested. And it’s been featured in a book

Top tube, c-c – 558mm
Seat tube, c-c – 555mm
Head tube – 145mm (eqv. of 155mm given the taller fork)
Seat post – 27.2mm
BB – English
Dimensions are here