Taliah Lempert – Andy’s Bike

Hmm, might look good on a teeshirt someday, no?

Tour Magazin, Germany – from the Nahbs Interview

Andy and Steve Hampsten – Hampsten Cycles 
No flames, no sloping top tube, no disc brakes: “We build it for you to fit, but 
we follow our pattern”, says Steve Hampsten, who is the core of Hampsten 
Cycles together with Giro-winning brother Andy Hampsten. Extremely elegant 
road bikes of steel or titanium are made under the boar logoed label. The 
Hampsten brothers have been sharing the passion for bicycle racing since 
kid’s age. While Andy pursued a successful professional racing career, Steve 
became a cook and has been building frames for Waterford (match/Paramount really, ed.) later. 
In 1999, the first Hampsten bikes saw the light of the world, the popular name of the only 
American Giro winner made for the attention needed, the business is run by 
Steve Hampsten. Besides the “skinny tired road bikes” of varying tastes, the 
brothers are especially known for one model: Strada Bianca. The road bike for 
tires up to 35 mm wide has been developed in 2000 for Andy’s tours on the 
dusty roads of Tuscany, with thinner tires and fenders it brings you dry through 
Hampsten Cycles rainy hometown of Seattle or along dirt roads. “Over the 
years we really perfected this bike, it’s comfortable, versatile – and not 
unresembling to a 70s race bike”, says Steve Hampsten, who feels verified by 
younger models like Treks Domane. The company understands custom 
framebuilding as modification of their models to fit the customer’s body. This 
way, the riding characteristics and the timeless look are preserved. 
Gerolf Meyer