We call it "Orchid"

Fun with Eddy

A recent MAX build…

Some light housecleaning

A few tweaks:

Look for a new  Gran Paradiso Titanioshoot soon showing the D-11 head tube on that frame, along with whatever else we can throw at it. New blue pix are up on the site…

Strada Bianca is now straight gauge titanium OR Pegorichie steel in either welded or lugged formats.

The MAX page, however, now gets a MiniMAX sibling. And both are available for short-reach or medium-reach calipers. This will make sense to some, I hope.

Team Pro – our lugged “race” frame – is short-reach calipers only in OS or UOS tube sizes. And look for a new TP frame coming soon sans brakes.

I think that’s all…

LDV on Cycle EXIF

Right here

Elvis Lives!

All photos courtesy of Elvis Merckx

Nervex for Denis

So much nicer than the Motobecane I never had…

Mr. Blue

Mas y mas

La Dolce Vita, 2