The view last month

We had a nice visit recently from Klaus at Cycling Inquisition – he shot some pictures which may accompany his forthcoming feature on Hampsten Cycles in Road Magazine.
Max starts another masterpiece

Dropouts, assorted

Nothing but the best for our customers…

Land of Hole Saws

Natalie and Phyllis, the early days – still not sure which is which


Available here… thanks, Robbie!

Merry Christmas, y’all

In praise of SOPWAMTOS

One more reason to love Bruce Gordon – right here.

Spanish Love

Right over here at Cronoramia.

Tournesol for sale

And it’s a beauty. Buy it, please…

See you on Corsica in 2013

It looks like the Tour day France will miss the best part of the coastal trek from Ajaccio* to Calvi on Stage 3 – about the sketchiest road I’ve ever driven on – but it should still be an exciting day of racing!

(I’ve been pronouncing this uh-JOCK-see-oh, haven’t been corrected yet. Impress your friends!)

Baby, it’s cold outside…

…but you won’t notice that if you sit and stare at our fantabulous House-designed image of Andy riding up the Passo Gavia in the snow.

Order soon for the holidays!