New bike numbers

We’re always tweaking the numbers we like to see from your favorite bike when ordering a new one, here’s our latest incarnation:

Saddle height

Saddle from floor

Bar center from floor

Saddle tip to center of bars

Center of seat post to center of bars, horizontal

Saddle tip behind BB center – a plumb bob is good here


Team 7-Eleven

I just finished the new book by Geoff Drake and it’s quite good – excerpt here. Recommended for all fans of the sport.

And here’s a nice look from RBA at some of the bikes they used.

Go Slurpees!

Il Corvo

The best handmade pasta in Seattle

Lunch only

8 bucks


Gitane for Larry

Ok, it’s not and it isn’t but it still looks pretty good. Frame by Martin, Paint by Russ, design by Todd O et moi, decals from gawdknowswhere. Special thanks to Roland Della Santa for his input.