La Dolce Vita

In our never-ending quest to offer as many variations on a theme as possible, we bring now to your attention our “La Dolce Vita” model. It is constructed of steel, it mates with the Enve 1.0 fork, and it sits squarely in our Gran Paradiso family. For LDV, as we call it here, we feature Columbus’ Life tubing throughout with main tubes oversized at 31.8mm for the top and seat tubes, choice of 35 or 38mm down tubes, 14 or 16mm seat stays. Chain stays are Spirit and, when combined with the Enve fork, this frame will take 28mm tires just fine. D-11 head tube is standard with the 38mm DT.

“What, Hampsten,” I hear you say “is the difference between Life/La Dolce Vita frames and those built with MAX tubing?” And a good question it is, too. To me, Life weighs less than MAX but, given the options in tube diameters, we can build it for most riders.  MAX is good for heavier riders and on rougher roads, maybe while using wider tires – to me that seems the best way to go. I see Life working better on smoother roads and using skinnier tires but I wouldn’t rule out the alternative – it’s just that MAX and cobbles seem so perfect together. At 185# I could – and do – ride La Dolce Vita; at 150# my brother could as well but I wouldn’t put him on a MAX.

Furthermore, unlike MAX, the Life tubes are completely cylidrical – meaning a round cross-section. No shaping, no squishing, nothing but pure tube-like sweet smoothness for greater torsional rigidity (and increased vertical compliance, natch).

$2800, at finer on-line boutiques everywhere. Tutto va bene – cigarette?

(This post was severely edited on 4/25/12 to bring the text more in line with reality)

If you come to a spork in the road… Bike Snob NYC

He still loves us but it’s slightly unnerving to be included. Relentlessly self-serving content here, of course.

Andy on the Galibier

“And most memorably for me, scaling it from the Telegraphe side in 1993: I was hanging tough with Indurain, Rominger, Jaskula and Meija until a few kilometers from the top. For unfathomable reasons I was driving myself nuts fretting over a sticky bit of tarmac that had hitchhiked its way on to my right calf.”

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Cycling Inquisition

Great motorcycling post…

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Bill’s Strada Bianca

Eriksen-built frame with Campy, Moots, Ambrosio. The fork is a slight departure for us, being from Seven, but it provides ample room for the 32mm tires.
Brakes by Velo-Orange – everything just fits, doesn’t it?

Kent sweats the small stuff…

Don’t that look like the perfect combo?
Andy and boar head logo…

Ready to ride!

Steve Jobs, R.I.P.