"Wow! This is so French… or something!"

Andy talks with the Fat Cyclist – lengthy but some real gems here.

Andy Hampsten: The Fat Cyclist Interview from Fat Cyclist on Vimeo.

The Twins, Reunited

Richard and Rich, together again. Think Rich is wearing his new leather moto jacket?

From Chuckie Ibis

Oregon Manifest was fine, I’m sure, but this looked like a ton o’ fun.

The Green Train

Strada Bianca MiniMAX for HampCo hisself, needed a new winter bike or something. MiniMAX 28.6mm TT and 31.8mm DT, Zona curved CS, 14mm Spirit SS, Spirit ST, Wound Up fork for 57mm-reach brakes – should be light and comfy, has clearance for 33mm tyres, Clarance. Paint is Pistachio, decals are our New Beige. On the site soonish.

Cinghiale Cycling Tours

I’m just back from Andy’s Cooking and Cycling Tour in Castegneto Carducci and what a fantastic trip it was! Fun folks, excellent food and wine, and superb riding and events. I’ll have more pictures and a better report soon but here are some teaser shots and the dates for the 2012 tours are right here. Great stuff!

From the vaults

Tournesol/Parlee the First.


New MAX model (finally) features MAX TT, DT, CS, Enve 2.0 fork and our own selection of ST and SS. 29mm tires and short-reach brakes work fine here, shines on crappy roads, colour is our new Federal Blue. Rides like a burly dream and we’ll have it on the website soon.


Bicycling Magazine looks at our Strada Bianca, struggles to understand steel, fenders, and the joys of riding dirt roads. October issue probably includes five things you can do to ride faster – would not quantifying every ride count? Hampsten boys reported nonplussed, decide current marketing plan roaring success.