After a hard-ridden D2R2 (Deerfield DirtRoad Randonnee) Richard Sachs (l) discovers his favorite plastic fork is missing. David S looks on with glee.

Department of Arbitrary Randomness

Some website tweaks:

Gran Paradiso price increases $100 but we include the Enve 1.0 fork as standard.

Tournesol now features a complete lack of frames that aren’t lugged; adieu welded T’sol.

All that work, I think I need a cocktail.

Di2 for Darren

A little Kent Eriksen-flavored loveliness here for Darren… Di2 Electronico… nice wheels… the local water…

A Sunday In Hell

Last night was Jenny’s first time seeing Jørgan Leth’s 1976 classic, maybe my 6th. Never disappoints – I’m working on the sideburns now.

Maglia Rosa

Great book by Herbie Sykes from Rouleur, get it. No, just get it – don’t argue.

Jeff’s GPTi