Mini Me

Our first Strada Bianca MiniMAX frame is completed – because Steve needs a new winter bike – and there was much rejoicing. It’s the same alloy (Niobium) as our Spirit-for-Lugs/Pegorichie tubing but with slightly shorter butts (insert joke here) and some oh-so-sexy shaping going on with the top and down tubes. We use the lightest and smallest seat tubes and seat stays that we can get away with and we spec curved chainstays for that curvy chainstay look. The Wound Up fork, painted, should pair well with this frame and the stiffness of the fork will complement the hoped-for compliance of the frame itself.

Will there be much difference in the ride of the MiniMAX frame versus that of the Spirit-tubed Strada Bianca? There should be a slightly more comfy ride, the frame will look oh-so-cool, and you’ll be the first on your block.

Price? $2200 for a frame/fork using Spirit round tubes; $2300 gets you the MiniMAX. Fat tires or fenders, no problem.

And? 3 pounds six ounces before paint.

needs a boar decal…

Crema: RIP

It is with great sadness today that Hampsten Cycles announced that their short-lived Crema model had expired overnight in its sleep.

“He seemed so happy,” said Hampsten spokesperson Steve Hampsten “but there was always this sense that the features that made Crema Crema were not really working for him.” When asked to elaborate, Hampsten offered these thoughts: “He was trying to appeal to a broader audience through lower pricing, fewer options, a sensible size chart, and with the steel fork. As it turns out, our customers don’t really care about the lower pricing, they want the options, the poor size chart was mostly ignored, and the steel fork ends up costing us more in dollars and labor than a carbon fork.”

When asked how he could possibly continue when his heart is so obviously broken, Hampsten voiced these final thoughts: “Moving on will be hard but we’ll get through this – I think it will bring us all closer together. We’re a team here, it’s like a family, and we came to play and – God willing – to win this thing…ummm… what was the question again? Anyhow, everything that you liked about Crema is available in Strada Bianca form – and more – but you will pay dearly for that damn steel fork. Pictures will be up someday!”

retro echelon

Anybody have some for sale?

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