Angry Boars

Pal Robbie felt our boar needed a little more aggressivita – and this is what he came up with. We like it!

Riv luv

A friend sends this interview with Grant Petersen from Rivendell Bicycle Works. Intelligent and thoughtful answers as you would expect. I read his comments earlier about not using the word “very” in writing about his products and I’ve tried to avoid its use in my own writing. And then there was the entire Riv catalogue written entirely without the letter “e” – great stuff, excellent products, wonderful people.


We’ve added a new variant to our Gran Paradiso model – we call it “Gran Paradiso Spiritus”. In short, this uses Columbus Spirit (Niobium) tubing drawn quite thin: 0.5mm at the thick ends, 0.3mm in the middle. The top tube starts as a 31.8mm round tube and is gently bi-axially ovalized at each end; the down tube is similar at 35mm.

Additionally, Columbus has added eight subtle facets to each tube giving a slightly squared-off look the the tubing. So the main tubes are similar in shape and size as MAX but lighter – we’ll recommend this frame for riders under 180 pounds.

The chainstays start round, have a sexy little flattened squish in the middle then continue round to the dropouts. The seat stays are mildly goofy and we could go either way; seat and head tubes are light but cylindrical and normal.

Max-the-Welder has built numerous frames with this tubing and is a fan and I’ve been wanting a light, strong, stiff steel frame to complement the Gran Paradiso line. We will have a MAX model soon but I’m seeing that more for bigger tires, heavier riders, and rougher roads – although still with short-reach calipers – whereas Gran Paradiso is intended as a bike one could comfortably race on smoother roads. We’ll have pictures up soon and a tip of the hat to the brave souls who pushed me to add this frame – they’ll be riding one soon! The price will be $2500 with an Enve 2.0 fork.

Fenders on Astroturf

Titanium and carbon

Nahbs preview

Gran Paradiso, Mad Fiber wheels

Crema in Corsa Red


So you’ve ended up on HampCo Yard Sale – welcome aboard. This is where our overstock, mistakes, and slightly used goods end up for sale to the public. We sell everything here with the understanding that we will represent the condition and prior usage – if any – as accurately as we can. If you buy something from us and don’t like it we’ll take it back, no minimal questions asked.

Most of the parts/frames/bikes here are offered at what we think is a reasonable price but we are open to lower offers. If yours is the high offer you get it so please don’t make a wild offer then walk away from the transaction as we know where you live and we’ll park outside your window and make insinuating comments at three in the morning.