Travelissimo for EK

I just wanted to thank you both for giving so much input and spending the time to help build up the most fantastic bike ever! This bike has the exact qualities I was looking for: ride-ability, durability, and portability. I flew out to CA to escape the NYC snowstorm and get some good miles in and I’m sure glad I did…

House Trailer

Friday Fun!

I love seeing my former bikes as built by their new owners. Great look, Lee!
Some day. Maybe. We hope.
The Best.
Was there ever a prettier hub? I didn’t think so.
There’s just something about this… makes me feel slightly dirty… – great stuff with legos.

For Jenny

Script logo from House

This could be fun, we’ll see…


Yee haw!

Another day at the salt mine

Steve and Max contemplate World Domination
Jet Lathe: it may be small and crappy but it works just fine
HampCo Wall of Fame
All hail the Old Gods!
“And your new bike will allow you to climb with 33% less effort!”
(all pictures courtesy of robbie l – thanks!)

See you at Nahbs!

stem for rich

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