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Paul Barnes does it again

One of our favorite typographers, Paul Barnes (Hampsten Cycles, Kate Moss), is also the bloke responsible for the font used on many of the World Cup jerseys:

“Soon after the Commercial Type Twitter feed revealed “Italy’s shirts use a custom typeface called Crepello, designed by our very own Paul Barnes for Puma.” Erik Spiekermann commented “at last a typeface for sports designed by a proper designer.” And that wasn’t all, because “Paul also designed another typeface called Olembe for Puma, which is used on Ghana, Cameroon, and some other African nations’ shirts.” I conducted a mini-interview with the designer of both typefaces.”

More here

And Paul, your bike is shipping soon, just waiting on a saddle…

short update

We’ve dropped the aluminum and welded steel frames from the Gran Paradiso page; these are still available but not selling well so a purge seemed to make sense. There is a commemorative frame in the works for next year (from welded steel, oddly enough) – you do the math to guess what direction that will go. And it looks like we may be adding another material at a reasonable pricepoint…

Busy here, Max welding as fast as he can, we’ll get to your frame soon.