Gran Paradiso 953

The page is up thanks to J. Stebbins, photos by M. Matisse, frame by I. Fabrication. The bike is as balanced as could be asked for: it feels light, stiff, and comfortable. The SRAM Red is great and the 27mm Vittoria Pave sewups with Ambrosio rims are just about perfect. 

More on this bike soon.


Muriel and Matt from Swrve Cycling Apparel stopped by today to see where Matt’s new 333fab singlespeed was birthed. Nice folks, good-looking clothing, and all of it is sewn right here in the US of A. I’m lusting for some shorts and knickers, maybe a pair of jeans for my cold morning commutes to the basement.

Buy their stuff, y’hear?

La Vie Claire – bringing back the 80s

Frame design by Daniel Schmaltz of fame – the paint price is giving us pause but it may see the light of day. 

Jersey at Prendas, baby!


Matisse, Ferrari, etc.

He’s finally updated his damn blog


953 details

shiny goodness

Team Pro

First ride today: sweetness incarnate. Looks good, too.