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On the horizon – revised 1-11

Now that we’re selling the Gavia poster, the new website is up and clicking along, and tour dates have been set over at Cinghiale.com, we can think about 2010. From here, right now, this all looks likely:

Jerseys – should be a lycra/wool blend; I’m seeing some cool designs, will share as we get closer.
Serigraph – a hand-drawn/hand-pulled image of Andy on a sporty jaunt in the snow, no pesky graphics or automobiles involved. Limited numbers, no release date yet.
Crema – what if we took our favorite “model” – a light steel Classic/Strada Bianca for fenders or big tires – built it in-house with Max welding, offered it in eight sizes, choice of three colors, and tried to hit $1800 for frame and fork? Any interest? Max’s welding has been killing it, help me help him quit his day job!
Tournesol – shopping bikes are all the rage here, mostly in 650B with a variety of racks. Pictures soon.
Yard Sale – gotta make room for the new stuff. Our cast-offs could be your next bike at a heckuva price.


“Just pay the parking ticket. Don’t be so outraged. You’re not a freedom fighter in the civil rights movement. You double parked.”

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In our little fantasy world, we’re bringing back Team 7-Eleven – here’s a sneak look at the bikes they’ll be riding in the Monte Paschi Eroica:

Zombies are on the rampage, gasoline is unavailable, all bicycles must be fast, rugged, and able to carry needed supplies – and it never hurts to be stylish. Here’s how good customer Yash deals with this latest crisis:
Henry loves his bike, here’s what he says:
Hi Steve,

I purchased a bike (Tour de Suisse model with custom paint job… a beautiful burgundy) back in early 2005 and had you ship it out to me as I moved during the process to Colorado. I thought I’d give you a little feedback on the bike:


I’m not a hammerer, I’m not a hill climber, I just ride the thing in century rides. I belong on a team of mostly racers and have gotten compliments on the bike at every event (even now after almost five years!). I did my first race this year (road race/hill climb) and while I didn’t win (22nd of 64), I had a blast and am planning on competing next year (not sure I want to scatch it in the crits though!). Meanwhile, doing the Triple Bypasses and the Ramrods and loving it.

I was just buying a track bike today as I’m liking the velodrome here in Boulder, but even as I was excited about getting the new bike, I seriously doubt it’ll give me as much fun as I’ve had on my Hampsten (well into 20,000 miles on it) and thought I’d just let you know.


That didn’t suck, did it?

Finally, atmo and The Lovely Deb, flying the colors:

New site coming any moment, promise…

Christmas is coming…

… and if you’re real good there may be a tee-shirt or print or sumpin’. Art by House.


New web text, page should be up soonish on the site.


Wherever you go, the Travelissimo can go with you in style. This bicycle fits in a specially-designed rolling Samsonite suitcase with minimal weight increase and incredible convenience when traveling. By utilizing S and S Machineworks™ super-strong torque couplers we’re able to construct a two-piece steel, 953, or titanium frame that doesn’t incur airline size surcharges but gives up none of the feel of your favorite bicycle.

Our standard Travelissimo is a short-wheelbase/short-reach caliper sport bike designed to take up to a 29mm tire, typically designed to have a touch more stability than its race-bred Gran Paradiso brethren. Classic or Strada Bianca models may also be built with the coupler option for true go-anywhere/anytime capabilities.

S and S Machineworks site.

Cyclingnews.com reviews Andy’s own Strada Bianca.

Travelissimo – $2700
Welded and painted steel frame by Independent Fabrication using our own Reynolds/True Temper tubing blend, price includes Edge fork.

Travelissimo Ti – $4400
Perfectly fabricated by Kent Eriksen Cycles using 3/2.5 straight-gauge titanium, price includes Edge fork.

Etcetera – $500 Package includes S & S travel case by Sampsonite, cable splitters, compression members, custom tube wraps, wrench, and security bag.