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Mud Pig the First

Here’s a look at the first Mud Pig we built back when Brother Andy was racing ‘cross – no, the discs are not UCI-legal. Big whoop. For some reason this is still cached on our web site here.

Notice how perfectly the colors match our jersey? Uh huh… See those lumps under the tires? That’s because we shot the bike in Matisse’s driveway – which isn’t flat. I think that was the last time we used the white backdrop, everything now is shot outdoors on cloudy days. Good times.

(Editor’s note: actually, this was our third Mud Pig – the first two were Carl Strong/Jason Grove aluminum frames with carbon rears)

descente jersey

it’s been years since we had this jersey and simon has grown up considerably, but it still looks good. will there be a jersey for 2009? 

stay tuned.

Mud Pig

We don’t build a lot of these, and you have to dig to find it on our website, but there is something so darn cool about a properly-executed cyclocross bike that we had to share this one. Frame is by Co-Motion (White Mica, orange Moderne decals), customer is HUP stalwart Yash. Available in three popular flavors: steel, titanium, and aluminium; choose from a veritable plethora of colors and decals.

Get dirty. Have fun. Drink beer.


Or just slip into something comfortable and watch.