This is a new model but could be considered a hybrid of our all-steel Cinghiale Pro model with our ever-popular Strada Bianca. In brief, girlfriend Jenny wanted a stylish commuter-slash-grocery-getter and we thought it might be good to make it compatible with/convertible to dropped bars for longer/faster riding. Thus “Zucchero” – meaning: “sugar”, not the Italian pop singer.

Frame and fork were impeccably welded and painted by IndyFab, custom front bag by BaileyWorks, fork by Martin, adjustable rack by Max, pix by Matisse, design and assembly by Steve for HampCo.

(Two more flatbar/shopping bikes in process, both 650B Tournesol – it seems the people have spoken.)

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  1. Jane
    Jane says:

    Beautiful bike. I’ve been dreaming of such a bike. A pretty, light grocery-getter that can also go two or three neighborhoods over, or maybe even two islands over in Puget Sound. I want it styled like an urban beach cruiser, but I live in Seattle, on big, urban hills. I like to be upright–the handle bars you show here seem too far forward for me. My husband says what I want can’t all be on the same bike. Why not?

  2. HampCo
    HampCo says:

    mike, see rack entry above.

    jane, i think a bike similar to this would work well for your needs. styling cues can be tweaked to evoke the cruiser of your dreams but i went with more of a schwinn-from-the-60s look for jenny’s bike.

    i could see a curved top tube, puffy red 650B tires, shiny fenders, beautiful plated rack – all screaming “cruiser”. swept-back bars like the priest or albatross from rivendell might suit your purposes better than what we show here. sorry to disagree with your hubby but i do feel you can have it all.


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