We’ve added a new variant to our Gran Paradiso model – we call it “Gran Paradiso Spiritus”. In short, this uses Columbus Spirit (Niobium) tubing drawn quite thin: 0.5mm at the thick ends, 0.3mm in the middle. The top tube starts as a 31.8mm round tube and is gently bi-axially ovalized at each end; the down tube is similar at 35mm.

Additionally, Columbus has added eight subtle facets to each tube giving a slightly squared-off look the the tubing. So the main tubes are similar in shape and size as MAX but lighter – we’ll recommend this frame for riders under 180 pounds.

The chainstays start round, have a sexy little flattened squish in the middle then continue round to the dropouts. The seat stays are mildly goofy and we could go either way; seat and head tubes are light but cylindrical and normal.

Max-the-Welder has built numerous frames with this tubing and is a fan and I’ve been wanting a light, strong, stiff steel frame to complement the Gran Paradiso line. We will have a MAX model soon but I’m seeing that more for bigger tires, heavier riders, and rougher roads – although still with short-reach calipers – whereas Gran Paradiso is intended as a bike one could comfortably race on smoother roads. We’ll have pictures up soon and a tip of the hat to the brave souls who pushed me to add this frame – they’ll be riding one soon! The price will be $2500 with an Enve 2.0 fork.

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