Some updates

Crema: selling well and we find ourselves using Columbus Spirit-for-lugs (Pegorichie) tubing more often than not. And we’re using relatively expensive stainless dropouts from Paragon because we like them better – so this is all reflected in the new price, $2000.

What’s the difference between the Crema and the $2300 Strada Bianca, you ask? Well, Strada Bianca is always custom – so each frame design is drawn from scratch – and Strade Bianca use a Wound Up or Co-Motion carbon fork. Other than that… if in doubt, get the Crema imho, bro.
Suppliers: this year, 2010, 95% of our production has happened in-house with Max and Martin building the frames. In the spirit of this I’ve dropped most mentions of outside suppliers from our site because, quite frankly, I think those days are behind us. We wave a fond adieu to Moots and Independent Fabrication – metaphorically speaking, of course – but Kent Eriksen is still on board as we have some loyalists of his as customers and he’s a bud. However…
We recently re-modeled the shop so that framebuilding and assembly/repair can happen on the same shift and not on staggered shifts – and our downtrodden workforce is appropriately grateful.
We’re looking at three new versions of current bikes to be shown at Nahbs Austin and likely shot for the website. So if you can’t see the new goodies in Texas you can see them in living jpegs which is almost as good and in some ways better.
Socks are in, sweaters are being designed, jerseys are looking for producers – it’s all happening now.
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