"semi-famous in certain circles"

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  1. christopher
    christopher says:

    Very nice Steve! I wish I could make it down to Portland that weekend but I gotta work.

    The t’sol and I had an exciting overnight adventure with Robert the other night… roll over to bunnyhawk.com for the ride report. I’m sure you’ll find the part about filling our water bottles in the middle of the night at a bar in Cumberland as amusing as we did.

  2. HampCo
    HampCo says:

    that almost sounded like fun, chris – shame i couldn’t/wouldn’t have been there.

    and wtf is cumberland? in WA? neverheardofit…

    i gotcher stainless light thingy ready, i’m just too lazy to bring it to you. does usps deliver to georgetown?

  3. christopher
    christopher says:

    hehe …Cumberland is just north of Enumclaw and east of Auburn. It consists of a convenience store a fire station and a bar, all sprinkled in among a few houses.

    yea, UPS delivers here. in fact i can practically throw a stone through the front window of their seattle HQ from artCore. here’s the address-

    artCore studios
    5501-a airport way s


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