Strada Bianca

130mm rear spacing
68mm English BB
27.2mm seat post
Limited lifetime warranty

Strada Bianca, welded steel with Wound Up fork – $2700     

Strada Bianca Disco, welded steel with Wound Up fork, disc brakes – $3100

Built using 3/2.5 titanium, uses Seven Cycles molded carbon fender fork – $3900

Strada Bianca DiscoTi
Built using 3/2.5 titanium, uses Enve or Wound Up carbon disc-brake fork – $4200

Designed like a 60s-era road race bike, our Strada Bianca (“white road” in Italian) is intended for 24-to-35mm tires, 57mm-reach caliper brakes, maybe some shiny fenders. Our favorite combos are:

Vittoria Pave 24mm with 35mm Honjo fenders
27mm Roly Poly or 28mm Challenge Parigi-Roubaix, 40mm Honjo fenders
Challenge Strada Bianca (!) 30mm
Rivendell’s 33 1/3mm Jack Brown or cyclocross tires

Fast on smooth pavement but relaxed-yet-tough when the road turns to trail, cobbles, gravel, or dirt. Whether wearing fenders or carrying a light load, civilized roads or not, perhaps a lighting system – this bike does it all. For the fork of your dreams, choose from Wound Up, Seven carbon, or a HampCo steel fork.

We build each steel Strada Bianca using Columbus Spirit/Pegorichie tubes; titanium frames are constructed from straight-gauge 3/2.5 tubing.

Douglas Brooks on:
Why the Hampsten Strada Bianca? (pdf)