Not to get all swollen-headed but…

…sometimes getting a fan letter just hits the right spot. And the guy who wrote this is pretty off the charts himself – in a good way. I checked.

I simply want to express to all of you the appreciation that I feel for the bikes that you are making available to the public as well as the thinking that has gone into your products.

I am an older cyclist (sixty-four years) and for some time I have seen the nonsense that has been taking place in the bicycle industry. I own and ride regularly an older Paramount, Bridgestone, Carlton, Rivendell bicycles. Built up to go most anywhere and many with fenders, racks, lights, bells? Yes! Day rides for fun. Touring for fun. Beautiful bikes that help make life a little better.

Although you stated recently that some models you have had available seem to draw little interest these very models are the ones I am drawn to over and over as I study them and think to myself, “Maybe one day I will own that model!”

You cannot please everyone but I just want to tell you today that you provide beautiful rides and the people you are associated with know the real deal as well. There are those who understand and appreciate what you offer. I wish you the most success possible and many blessings.


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