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  1. Steve H
    Steve H says:


    that’s a brown LEATHER aliante – they don’t exist anymore, sorry. i asked fizik to make me a dozen a few years ago and i guess they used up all the leather in the world because they won’t make any more.

    there were some brown naugahyde aliante floating around a few years ago but those were butt-ugly compared to the leather versions.

    i could sell 50 of these a years, i swear…

    every time i see someone from fizik i put the screws to them about making more of these but they have ignoring me down to a fine art so nothing happens.

    quelle dommage…


  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    man, I’ll tell you what… everytime I see Steve or Andy talk about their bikes it makes me want one even more as well as realize how I screwed up by not getting a Hampsten when I bought my last bike… now, I’ve gotta wait a while until I get another bike… 😉

    Great job guys! BTW- Mountain Flyer magazine is awesome, so glad I can find it here in San Diego…


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