MAX update

All the MAX frames sold back in April are welded and painted or at paint – and we have some great news from Columbus Tubing by way of Lon at Nova Cycle Supply. We can get Life tubes drawn over the MAX mandrels so MAX is back! The differences between Life and the original MAX are twofold: the tube dimensions are identical except the new down tube is thinner by 0.1mm – that’s a tenth of a millimeter, about the weight of a small swallow of water. The other difference is that while the older tubes were drawn from Nivacrom the new stuff is from what Columbus calls Niobium – beats me, probably a tad stronger for what that’s worth.

Obviously I’ll be getting a new frame from this stuff – just because, this one as a Strada Bianca. We’re trying to see how light we can make it by using Spirit seat tube and head tube and 14mm seat stays paired with a carbon fork. Color? Jeez, I dunno – dark blue? Team 7-Eleven? Pale Pink Pearl? Y’alls thoughts here?

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