June 5, 2008

Andy Hampsten gave our brave group of 17 riders permission to not go into the Oregon “summer” rain for an 80-mile search for snow in his honor. On the phone from Tuscany, Andy reminded us the big difference between what he did 20 years ago and what we were setting off to do- “I got paid to do it”, he said.

But this is Oregon and we love 53-degrees and raining on June 5th. It’s too soon to stop wearing warmers, booties and the Stowaway and honestly, it was perfect weather to celebrate the anniversary of Andy’s Gavia ride.

Thanks to all who came out to help make this a memorable day. Larch didn’t disappoint with the snow, the cold and the fallen trees. Thanks too to Chris D for packing a fine, fine whiskey that kept us from losing all feeling on the descent.

Here are a few iPhotos from the back where I sat most of the day. If you have pics, please send them my way.

Finally, the random drawing took place this morning and the winner of the new Andy Hampsten jersey is Spencer Moersfelder. Congrats Spencer, come by the office to pick up your prize.

More to come.

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  1. Andy B
    Andy B says:

    There does not appear to be nearly enough snow in the photos. Last week I was riding Blackwood Canyon, on a paved forest service road that begins on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe and climbs about 2000 feet to the Pacific Crest. The road was closed, but that just means there won’t be any cars. The downed trees weren’t too much of a problem, but towards the top the snow completely covered the road to a depth of 2 or 3 feet. I walked over several snow berms to ride the clear sections of road in between, but finally the road became impassible with constant snow. That was real sniking (SNow bIKING).


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