Housekeeping, part 1

There has been a little housekeeping going on at the website: cleaning up some links, abolishing others, rewriting some text, rumors of a major purge – the usual dictatorial nonsense.

This weeks’ big news is the introduction of a “Process” page wherein I talk about the steps to buying a custom Hampsten frame or bicycle. Pretty obvious stuff, perhaps, but it may answer a few questions. It also addresses the issue of deposits and, somewhat importantly, refunds in the event of a cancelation of an order.

“Process” is paired with our old “Details” page, now newly updated. I’ve included prices for my favorite build kit – the stuff on the bike that doesn’t come from Shramolo – and parts kit pricing from the aforementioned Shramolo. I’ll try to keep these prices up-to-date; we also see wheel prices along with assembly and shipping prices so it should be theoretically possible to estimate the cost of a new frame within a few bucks.

Way down, buried at the bottom, is the announcement of our new Script logo, lovingly designed by Rich Roat and his elves at House Industries. We’ll have these logos in black, white, and a shade that may best be described as “Michael’s Green”.

The new pages still need some work and there are some links and dead ends that need to go away and we’ll address these over the next few days.

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