A friend writes:
I had a great time yesterday at the Echelon Gran Fondo thanks in most part to you lending me your bike. Simply put, it is a flawless machine. For starters, it’s beautiful. I turned a few heads and was able to chat up the fact that you’re based here (in Seattle) to a few old timers at a rest stop and a couple of people at the start. 
The frame is clean and the welds are laid down with obvious skill and a desire for perfection. And the bike is very secure – there were a few fast downhills I rode one handed so I could get some water or food and it rolled straight as an arrow.

Your spec was also perfect. I never missed a shift – you can imagine with all the up and down I was constantly going from big to small chainring and I played the rear cassette like a jazz musician doing runs on a standing bass. Even the choice of 32-spoke box section rims over something carbon and fancy is a decision I could appreciate on the ride – we hit a few rough patches of asphalt and your bike just laughed at it. I could tell you took the care to give the bike a pro-level cleaned and tuning. So thank you, thank you for letting me use it. I look forward to our spin on Tuesday.”

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