Crema 55cm

Salient points:

· Frame TIG-welded by Max

· Fork brazed by Martin

· Columbus Zona tubing

· 57mm calipers, 40mm fenders, 28mm tires

· 8 stock sizes

· 4 stock colors

· + or – one cm – $100 (HT free)

· Custom colors – $100

· 1.125” threadless, English, 130mm, 27.2mm

· $1800

Paint/decal choices:

· Saronni Red (white or white/black decals)

· Ivory Snow (Red, blue, or your choice)

· Varsity Blue (white or your choice)

· Champagne (white/red or yellow/red)

8 thoughts on “Crema 55cm

  1. Think of this as a production steel Strada Bianca: limited options, some tweakage allowed, and an attempt to focus the discussion with each customer.

  2. Would horizontal dropouts be an option, and at what cost?

    This thing looks like just the ticket for a commuter, though I’d like the versatility to switch between gears and one-speed as needed.

    Look sweet- I hope you sell a ton of them.

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