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  1. phcollard
    phcollard says:

    Interesting. I always like to read about you guys. Despite all the great achievements of the Hampsten brothers you seem to keep things simple, low profile, just enjoy life, good cycling, italian food and wine. And that’s something that shows a bit in your bikes I think. They’re great, not overdone, practical, racy but all in subtlety, harmonious… Can’t wait to get mine… but please tell us more about that special edition that’s around the corner! 🙂

  2. Steve H
    Steve H says:


    Yeah, I’d say we’re both pretty low-key: Andy likes his good wines and I lust after Italian cars but we try to keep it all in perspective. And we want the bikes to be fun to ride and not overly difficult to produce and sell. Piano, piano…

    Speaking of special bikes: yours arrived yesterday from my painter and it looks fantastic! We’ll talk next week.

    On the La Vie Claire/Mondrian bike: Andy and I have been discussing this for some time but I’m feeling pretty stuck on the graphics. I suspect this interview is from a few months ago… currently we’re building the first iteration of the frame I would like to use as our anniversario model, a Columbus Spirit-tubed Gran Paradiso. It will be trick and light and should look great painted.

    For the Mondrian-inspired paint scheme we need a decal design and specific directions for my painter on where to apply the decals – all of which is a bit out of my field of expertise. We have some designs we like and a couple of folks working on this but nothing has really jelled yet. Anyone out there want to take a crack at it in exchange for fame and glory?

    It would be nice if we could do this for the 2011 model year but if we miss it I’m not terribly stressed – it’s a paint scheme I’d like to keep in our catalogue for the foreseeable future if we can get it to work.



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