If you are interested in a frame or whole or partial bicycle – or simply want to get more information – please call me at (206) 852-5199 or email If I’m not here I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. If you are in or are visiting Seattle I’ll be happy to meet you in person and give a tour of our small facilities. While the telephone machine is an excellent invention, if there are details that are important to you: sizing, paint/decal choices, component standards, etc., I do ask that you put as much information in email form as possible.

This is where we talk and you tell me what type of riding you like to do, on what types of roads, using which tires, wheels, and parts. Let’s also discuss any health issues or other physical limitations that apply and feel free to ask any questions about materials, geometry, fit, or our qualifications to be doing this. Then we’ll dial in the fit of your frame, ideally using your current bike as a guide – and this link may be useful.

If you’re not thrilled with how your current bike fits or feel it could be improved, the best scenario would be for Andy or I to see you on your bike and tweak things as needed. If that’s not practical let’s get you to a professional fitter and we may know someone in your area.

Wait times
I try to keep wait times to a minimum and to keep our customers in the loop regarding their place in the queue. Most frames are built in order of sale, although some complicated or prototype builds may happen sooner or slower than originally anticipated. Most builds take two to four months and fancy paint adds more time.

Deposits and Payments
For interested customers I’m happy to render preliminary drawings in BikeCAD so you can see how your proposed frame will look from my perspective. I’m also happy to give a detailed price quote for your new bike. After a few drawings have been made, however, I do request a commitment in the form of a deposit to continue design work. Once you have made your deposit, the price quoted is set. Deposits are listed here and clicking the “Add to Cart” button will take you to our PayPal page.

A final invoice, usually with photographs, will be sent about the time your frame or bike is nearing completion – usually as we start to assemble or when back from paint or finishing. Payment may be through PayPal, personal check, bank check, wire transfer, or credit card.

Sometimes an order will get cancelled; in most cases I reserve the right to withhold up to $250 from your deposit as compensation for time spent on emails, phone calls, and for drawings rendered. This is not intended to be punitive but simply as a guarantee that I will be paid a reasonable wage for my time and efforts. In the case where a deposit has been made but little or no time has been invested a full refund is likely.

Once we have started cutting tubes for your new frame, a refund for the deposit is unlikely. I will refund a portion of the deposit paid on a whole bike order, however.

All frames we sell are warranted for as long as the you – the initial purchaser – own the frame unless otherwise specified. This covers tubing and craftsmanship; paint is not covered. Problems do come up now and then, our job is to make them go away and keep you happy.

Paint and decals
We like single-color paint schemes here at HampCo, maybe with a stripe or panel worked in, but simplicity is preferred. We do several Team 7-Eleven paint schemes each year, both Huffy-style and the Eddy Merckx version. We have plenty of good ideas – and plenty of opinions – on colors that work well or you can send us the PPG code of that ‘62 Galaxie 500 you’re trying to match as paint codes are available at most automotive paint shops. Some of our current color choices are shown on this page and are included with the price of a steel frame; we have other colors not shown, and custom paint is also available. Team 7-Eleven paint adds $400; panels and/or stripes add $100-200. Our new 20th Anniversary paint scheme will be an additional $500.

PPG  and House Of Kolor automotive paints are what we spray here (so to speak) so samples and chips are available worldwide. Touchup paint, however, is problematic as these are two-part catalyzed paint systems, like an epoxy. We can also strip, refurbish, and repaint your older Hampsten frame and fork, starting at $600 – please inquire. This price includes alignment check, application of Framesavr, fork inspection for visible damage; shipping is usually extra. Paint on titanium frames starts at $450; ti refurbishment with new decals is $250.

Our Classic decals are designed by famed typographer Paul Barnes – the font is called “Andy Hampsten” – and feature a re-drawn boar and brand-new down tube graphic. We have most or all of these decals in stock and we usually don’t make custom decals. In solid colors we have:


With solid color fill and contrasting outline we have:
Yellow with red outline
Blue with dark blue outline
White with black outline

Another option is our Script logo, designed by our friends at House Industries, in:

Smilin’ Andy on the seat tube, as always, or a boar by request.

We are happy to build you a whole bike from scratch, or we can do a partial build, or wheels only – whatever works for you – but we avoid working with used parts when possible.

Every frame is checked and prepped after receiving it back from paint or finishing and steel frames get Framesavr anti-rust goo. We assemble all whole bikes in-house and I personally pack each frame or bike for shipping.

If you’ve ordered a frame and fork it will arrive in a custom frame box with scads of (mostly) recyclable material. If you’re getting a whole build with wheels it will arrive in an Air Caddy box for easy packing and quick assembly. If you’ve ordered a frame with partial build and no wheels it’s a bit of a pain but we’ll still get it to you.


Steve Hampsten

Build kit pricing – $650
Our HampCo standard build kit includes Chris King headset, Deda Zero100 bars, Fizik seatpost and stem, King cages, Lizard Skins or HampCo tape, and expensive tires (usually Vittoria or Compass); pedals and saddle are not included in this price. Substitutions are fine and will be priced accordingly.

Parts kits available:
(Parts prices change often so none are listed)

Super Record
Potenza, silver

Dura Ace & Di2
Ultegra & Di2
R785 mechanical hydrodisc

Red22 disc

Replacement steel fork:
1″ or 1.125″ steerer – $550
MAX or ÜOS – $600
Add brake studs – $50
Price includes paint for colors in stock

HampCo hand-built wheels:

• White Industries hubs, HED Belgium rims, DT Swiss Revolution spokes, Enve skewers – $900

Our favorite prebuilt wheels are the Industry Nine i25 wheel. US-made hubs and assembly, Sapim bladed straight-pull spokes, C2-style (wider) rim, and a whole slew of color options – paired with great performance – make these a perfect upgrade for your new bike. Sold with Enve skewers $1100. Add carbon rims, $2000.