Steve and Andy Hampsten

HampCo Towers; home of fine bicycle design, assembly, and frame and fork fabrication:

Steve Hampsten works with customers on fitting and design, orders/ships, pays bills, wrenches, wrangles animals, and does all the other stuff.

Adam Deemer wrenches, assembles, and builds wheels. Adam comes to us most recently from Independent Fabrication in Somerville, MA, followed by a stint at Fat Tire Cycles in Albuquerque, NM. He’s also our resident disc brake expert.

Martin Tweedy has been building lugged steel bicycle frames since 1996 when he took the two-week Framebuilding course at UBI. Martin and Steve worked together at match bicycle company in 1997-98 and have worked together on Hampsten Cycles since 1999. While at match, Martin built frames for Schwinn Paramount, Rivendell, and Beckman as well as the first few runs for Hampsten Cycles; Martin also worked for Dave Levy at Ti Cycles for two years after match closed. Mr. Tweedy builds all of our lugged frames and brazed forks.

Peter Graham, ex Mad Fiber wheels, is in charge of our carbon frame fabrication here at HampCo™.

Steel frames are being welded and painted by the gang at R & E Cycles in Seattle.

Kent Eriksen & Brad Bingham are building our titanium frames in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Custom paint is by Russ at Air Art in Chico, CA or Adam at Now You’re Finished in Seattle.


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Andy’s day job – Cinghiale Cycling Tours – is where we go to relax, ride, and have fun in Italy.

Previous builders: these folks all built for us in the past and have since moved on. We’re still pals, they’re busy, it’s not you it’s me, etc.:

Max Kullaway/333fab –
Dave Levy/Ti Cycles –