Happy New Year!

Ok, it’s been two months since I’ve updated this sucker… and it’s been two months that I’ve been off the bike. Now I’m riding again – maybe there’s a connection? Much to post: new pictures of customer bikes, old racing photos of Bro Andy, and snippets of innuendo concerning possible projects to come – pretty much SOP around here. So stick around – it should be a fun year with plenty to keep us busy.

But let’s start with a nice photo from Pal Darren:


So you’ve ended up on HampCo Yard Sale – welcome aboard. This is where our overstock, mistakes, and slightly used goods end up for sale to the public. We sell everything here with the understanding that we will represent the condition and prior usage – if any – as accurately as we can. If you buy something from us and don’t like it we’ll take it back, no minimal questions asked.

Most of the parts/frames/bikes here are offered at what we think is a reasonable price but we are open to lower offers. If yours is the high offer you get it so please don’t make a wild offer then walk away from the transaction as we know where you live and we’ll park outside your window and make insinuating comments at three in the morning.