Back in the year 2000 we started making bicycles upon which one could enjoy riding on gravel roads or use as a commuter bike and we’re quite happy with how they’ve been working out. But technology and tastes march ever-onward: what was seen then as a noble end-point  is considered now – by some – to be laughably inadequate now. Bigger tires, stronger brakes, electronic shifting, better frames and wheels – there are so many options that didn’t exist back in the previous century and we’re embracing many of them now.

Granted, big tires are great on rough roads but bombing sketchy descents and riding in the rain all make slowing the beast more difficult. Enter disc brakes, which have improved drastically over those from even a few years ago, and we’re now ready to give a frame sporting them its own moniker.

With little further ado we are pleased to present Il Mostro – The Monster. From 700c x 25 up to 700c x 38 – including 650B x 47 – we can build the frame for the tire size of your aggregate-crushing dreams.

Typically we’ll use flat-mount disc brakes but can build for QRs if requested. We’re liking the disc forks from Columbus, Enve, Ritchey Design, and Whiskey Parts Co.

Frame tubes will be selected for the weight of the rider and for the style of riding involved. We can use any of the tubes specced on our current models – including Columbus MAX – along with plenty that aren’t.


Tranquillo – Our skinny tire/fast road frame, best with light tubing, no fender option and uses Enve Road fork, takes up to 700c x 32mm or 650B x 38mm.

Sterrato – Takes up to a 700c x 38mm tire, 650B x 47mm, or 700c x 32mm with fender, we recommend light or medium tubing.


Welded steel frame with Paragon through-axle dropouts, flat-mount disc brake mounting, Ritchey Gravel or Whiskey No. 9 RD+ fork – $3200

Enve Gravel Road fork – $200
HampCo steel fork, flat mount – $200
Other forks – as quoted

Titanium frame w/flat-mount rear, Enve Gravel Road fork – $4700

Custom carbon frame w/flat-mount rear, Enve Gravel road fork – $4000

Bottom bracket: 68mm English threaded; carbon generally uses PF30
Seatpost size: 27.2mm
Front derailer: 31.8mm or 35mm (carbon) clamp-on
Rear spacing: 142mm for T/A