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Gavia Warmth Package

See Johan See Johan freeze See Johan freeze his ass off Freeze, Johan, freeze Why is Johan freezing? Johan is freezing because he isn’t wearing our wool socks on the Passo Gavia Stay warm, buy our socks, admire our Gavia poster Yours for $45

Numbers, please

Here we go, in cm or mm please: Saddle height Saddle from floor Bar center from floor Saddle tip to center of bars Center of seatpost to center of bars Saddle behind BB, a plumb bob is good here Seatpost setback and brand of saddle 

Track Bike!

Here are some before-paint peeks of Martin’s latest magic, a track frame destined for a nationally-prominent handmade bicycle show likely followed by hours and hours on the new board velodrome in Boulder. And everyone loves puppy pictures so here’s Charlie, our newest critter.