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matisse in mexico

our long-suffering photographer, matisse, needed a break so he went to mexico. when he returns he’ll finish sending me all the lovely pix we took last weekend. but here’s what he looks like:

Poster update

Ok, for those of you looking for our poster ’cause maybe you saw it in Bicycling Magazine or something, here’s the poop: Andy and I are both out of the second edition which is what most of you/us have seen (Cinelli did the original version 20 years ago). Pal Jerry at www.bicycleposters.com has a few […]

Ritiro TOC

Today was killer lunch at La Superica: pozole, tacos rojas, tacos pasilla y queso, tacos guacamole. Muy yummy. 35 mile Cat/Foxen/Alisos Canyons with sun, wind, and cool. My new bike – Orange MAX – slayed the potholes and ruts on Cat. This one’s a keeper. Dinner was Chef Tim.


I don’t lookfor Pegoretti bikeswhen driving around.I don’t mind if myfriends ride otherbikes. I don’t expectto see my frames onevery road. I don’tcomplain for beingsmall. I don’t wantto miss thisopportunity tothank you all forletting me share my ideas inwelded form. Dario Pegoretti