A Sunday In Hell

Last night was Jenny’s first time seeing Jørgan Leth’s 1976 classic, maybe my 6th. Never disappoints – I’m working on the sideburns now.

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  1. Dan O
    Dan O says:

    Fantastic documentary – have watched it numerous times.

    Killer time capsule for the era. The scenes of Merckx riding to the start are burned into my memory – the look of the film, the low level sunlight – awesome.

    If something like this were recreated today, it would all be MTV style quick clips of crashes, with a metal soundtrack. Not the flowing, low key cool aspect of the original.

    Man, I’m starting to sound like the old guy…

  2. Marco
    Marco says:

    From repeated viewings of this film, Roger De Vlaeminck became my all-time, favourite pro road racer. Perfect position (especially the hands-on-hoods + bent-elbows), perfect set-up (Criterium bars with levers too low, and rubber tips on the down tube shifters so he can shift gears with his knees!), and perfect style (Blue Gios, Brooklyn jersey, sideburns).

    So he doesn’t win this one – so what? He still won the previous and next edition, for a total of four P-R’s! He’s the man!


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